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No 46, onsori gharbi No 3, Imam Reza St Mashhad Khorasan Razavi Islamic Republic of Iran

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Saffro All-Red Luxury box (2.32 g)

Saffro All-Red Luxury box (2.32 g)

Saffron type: All-Red, Brand: Goliran, color power: 230-255, Most of the aspect is Gift.

Price: Contact Us

Place of Delivery: According to the customer's request, the manufacturer or customer's address

Min Order: 5000 Box/Boxes

Supply Ability: 10000 Box/Boxes per Month

Payment: Cash

Place Of Origin: Iran

Quick Details

Brand Name: Goliran

Model Number: GO-GAB-LU-S

Packing Detail: Cardboard, canvas, cans

Deliver Detail: Post, please

Description Html:

Saffron All-Red (Sargol)

Types of packaging: This product is produced only in single-box boxes called Deluxe Boxes and with the Guranelli brand. There are, of course, half-meghall packages and one slip of it.
Procedures for order execution
The duration of the order from the moment of ordering until delivery is between 2 and 6 working days.
The cost of sending is the responsibility of the customer.
Contact us to follow up your ordering steps.
Delivery of goods to the city of Mashhad is done by company or peak visitor.
Delivery of goods throughout the country is done by customer's request by post or courier.
How to use
The best way to eat saffron is to first taste it. To do this, pour some of the saffron with hand-made gauze and then pour a glass of saffron as much as desired and add some lukewarm water to it and let it stay for 10 minutes. In this way, you will have a beautiful saffron with a spicy aroma.
Do not use electric gravel for saffron, as it can damage the saffron pigments and reduce its flavor.
Saffron, which has been eaten faster than normal, loses its flavor and aroma. Be sure to keep it in a container.
How to store: Keep saffron dry and free from direct sunlight and free from moisture.

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