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ISO 22000:2005


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ISO 22000:2005: Food safety management system

ISO 22000 standard is planned to have conformity and compatibility with other international standards of ISO 9001 management system. Therefore, this standard is ideal for coordination and integration with available management systems.

ISO 22000 standard can be used in all organizations and corporations that are involved in food cycle directly and indirectly. This standard gives you the possibility to assess product conformity according to the food safety and hazards control related to food safety.

ISO 22000 standard is a basic standard that gives a chance to organizations and corporations to identify related risks and manage them effectively from the safety and economical point of view.

Receiving certificate based on this standard changes your organization approach from traditional approach of quality test to precautionary thought approach. This standard gives you a systematic approach and covers all aspects of food cycle form purchasing raw material to restaurant end using, catering, production of equipments, machineries and chemicals and servicing unit such as pests control, washing, transportation and supplies.


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