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license for obliging standard mark


Negin saffron
ALL-Red saffron
Poushal saffron
Bunch saffron

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No 46, onsori gharbi No 3, Imam Reza St Mashhad Khorasan Razavi Islamic Republic of Iran

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(009851) 38530830-38530831-38549510

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(009851) 38549378


What is standard?

Standard is goods desirability bench mark and goods and services that doesn’t have standard seal shouldn’t be used and purchased. It is possible we couldn’t offer accurate and correct definition for standard, however we can address generally that standard is considered as old experiments and studies for future deduction and use.

It is noteworthy that standard criteria changes over time and it's not the same exactly. In fact, each period demands its standards. Today, when we buy a commodity, despite the brand, we consider production date, expiry and standard seal.

Standards are not solely for goods, rather include many services. We should accept that each kind of goods and services must be held in a specific framework and we can define these frameworks with standard. Today, almost all countries have their own national standard.

In other words, there is an organization in many countries that superintends on goods quality and is known as standard organization. In some cases, many people overreach and establish institutes that their work is standard. Thus, number of issued standards increased continuously. As a result, today, different businesses in the world have their own standards.


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