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Saffron sales unit


Negin saffron
ALL-Red saffron
Poushal saffron
Bunch saffron

Contact Info

No 46, onsori gharbi No 3, Imam Reza St Mashhad Khorasan Razavi Islamic Republic of Iran

Zip code:

Day phone number:
(009851) 38530830-38530831-38549510

Fax number:
(009851) 38549378


Esfedan trading company has two departments of domestic sales and foreign trade. Variety in production and packaging of saffron and also producing Iranian quality saffron by this company prepares an opportunity for sales unit to cover all different tastes of its customers.

Foreign trading unit, to export saffron, is in connection with European countries, East Asia, Persian Gulf, South Africa and Australia and has a potential for delivering any kind of order.

Esfedan company is ready to produce all types of saffron such as All-RED, Pushal, Negin, Bunch and Powder and in packs such as single, box, stand and in bulk and customers can choose and buy their desired saffron from the part of Products Gallery.

If our gallery doesn’t cover your opinion and taste, we will ready to receive your specific opinion and order and you can call us for your orders.

Dear customers who tend to cooperate with Esfedan trading company can contact to related officials.


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