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No 46, onsori gharbi No 3, Imam Reza St Mashhad Khorasan Razavi Islamic Republic of Iran

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Day phone number:
(009851) 38530830-38530831-38549510

Fax number:
(009851) 38549378


Esfedan trading company has two separate and equipped production halls in order to produce good and customer friendly saffron. All production processes are being implemented under the control of quality control unit. The purchased saffron is transported to sorting unit after final tests and confirmation of quality control manager and at this unit weighing and packaging processes are done in two methods: manual and mechanized. It is noteworthy that Esfedan is the first company in Khorasan Razavi that packages its products mechanized and by machineries. As it cited before, all processes are being implemented under the control of quality control unit and packaging requirements are chosen in such a way that products quality will not diminish and the best saffron comes to customer.

Packaging variety is chosen in such a way to cover all tastes in order to meet its customer's expectations. Esfedan company is ready to produce all types of saffron such as All-RED, Pushal, Negin, Bunch and Powder and in packs such as single, box, stand and in bulk and accepts every suggestion and criticism.

Esfedan trading company has potential for producing customers' desired saffron in each size and taste and your order will be ready for delivery between 3 to 6 working days according to the incoming orders and time of orders.

It should be mentioned that this company has the potential for export to European countries, East Asia, Persian Gulf, South Africa and Australia and accepts every types of orders for export.

Esfedan company always is ready to service you, just call us for your orders and get Iranian quality saffron.


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